A Physician’s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work

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A clinical doctor unearths the reality approximately herbal well being merchandise that paintings.

James A. Howenstine, MD

Do herbal well being answers actually exist?

Yes. Nutritious meals, nutrients, minerals, aminoacids, algae and extracts from herbs, vegetation, flora, roots, seeds, timber, bushes, fish, mussels and animals have all been confirmed to have therapeutic houses

If herbal well being answers exist for plenty of brand new illnesses, why don’t the pharmaceutical corporations produce them?

Pharmaceutical corporations exist to generate income. (As all corporations do.) One corporate makes ninety% of its earnings from handiest 6 patented and elegantly advertised medicine. They can not patent herbal merchandise, so there is not any benefit purpose to offer Those merchandise.

Why don’t extra docs learn about herbal well being answers?

The clinical occupation and pharmaceutical corporations paintings in combination very carefully.

We physicians proceed our studying through studying clinical journals and attending conferences. Those are virtually all the time orientated against pharmaceutical corporations and their medicine. The result is the common doctor has virtually no consciousness of the healing attainable of herbal therapies.

Why has there been, in a few instances, a terrible symbol relating to herbal well being answers?

There’s no query there was a few exaggeration and hype through untrained other folks speaking approximately Those problems. On the other hand, that doesn’t dispose of from the effectiveness of herbal well being answers, whilst in moderation selected through professional execs.

There appear to be such a lot of herbal well being merchandise available in the market, with all varieties of claims approximately them. All of it turns out lovely complicated to me.

I have in moderation selected and screened the top of the line herbal well being merchandise we advise and provide an explanation for easy methods to take them.

They paintings and I inform you why they paintings.


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